Real toy factory with traditions

In  1982, in Lubojna near Częstochowa, Henryka and Marek Musialik, at that time assistant lecturers at the University of Technolgy in Częstochowa, have started a company in the plastic processing and toy production industry. The first mould was designed and made by the owner, PhD Eng. Marek Musialik, just after his doctoral thesis defence.

Marek Musialik graduated from Machine Construction Faculty of The University of Technology in Częstochowa in 1974 r. During his studies he was an active sportsman, a captain of football team. After graduation he worked as assistant lecturer in the Institute of Heat Engines. He was a follower of professor J. W. Elsner, who was his doctoral supervisor. In 1982 Marek Musialik defended his doctoral thesis: „Transport of turbulence energy in free, axial-symmetric flows, with entry whirl” and he obtained the title of PhD in technical sciences.

Henryka Musialik graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Technology in Częstochowa in 1973. After graduation she worked as assistant lecturer in the Electronic Computing Institute. In 1982, having left the University, she and her husband started up the business in the plastic processing industry.

The initial funds of the company were our own funds. For the next few years, we carried out ourselves all jobs related to the business activities, starting from the design of the first toy, to distribution.

In 1989, on previously purchased parcel in WolaHankowska near Częstochowa, we have build a production facility, implementing at the same time the most modern technologies.

In 1992 we have expanded our business and entered a new branch of automotive industry.

In 2005 we have obtained a certificate of Quality ManagementSystem for compliance with ISO 9001 standard.

In 2006 we have developed existing machinery park as well as repair and regeneration shop into a modern machinery park and Designing and Technology Dept. that create a modern tool centre. At present the Centre has both, innovative technology and designing department, based on CAD/CAM software.

Hemar takes care of development of technological and intellectual values. Implementation of innovative technologies and care about product quality are our priorities, experience and qualified personnel is our advantage.

Today we can declare that we are a family company. The second generation has already taken part in development of the company, a generation with passion for the business.

Today Hemar is a dynamically developing company that employs 200 employees. Our management are qualified engineers with many years of experience, competent in designing and production of tools, with great potential and commitment.

We own production workshops and warehouses of total area above 4000 m2.

The operation activities of the company evolve in three directions. The first direction is production of plastic toys, such as building blocks, cars, sand toys. The second direction is production of metal products and parts for automotive industry, mainly brake disks, drums, hubs, rolls. The third direction is production of tools, such as injection moulds etc., based on top quality technologies. Tools production department makes us independent, as we can produce the injection moulds for toys production ourselves

We design our toys ourselves. Our design and technology department is equipped with three designing positions based on CAD/CAM – Pro/ENGINEER system, version WILDFIRE 3.0.

We also have own tool centre. We produce our injection moulds and other essential tolls ourselves, which significantly shortens product introduction into the market.

For production of injection moulds we use modern CNC machines. Itguarantee high quality and precision of manufactured toys.

The machine park includes:

• 21 CNC lathes, including:- six modern machining centres with driven tools and C-axis indexed,
• 9 CNC milling machines, including:
- three 5-axis machining centres,
- three 4-axis machining centres,
- three 3-axis milling machines,
• 2 CNC measuring machines and other measuring instruments, that ensure quality control of produced details,
• 16 state-of-the-art hydraulic injection moulding machines, with mould closing force up to 400 t and injection grammage up to 2573 grams.

Our product range includes above 200 products, produced on 16 hydraulic injection moulding machines, produced by Arburgand Krauss Maffei. All machines are controlled with a microprocessor and operate in fully automatic cycles, that enables compilation of control protocols of the complete production process.

A Tree „Family Company” – a common trademark for family companies is awarded by the Foundation „Family Companies” only to eligible companies in order to emphasise and promote a familial character of a business entity.

We are a family company, managed by the second generation, and we have engaged the third generation, i.e. our children and grandchildren, into testing process of the toys we produce.

We are a family company, so ensuring our children’s safety is our priority.

Hemar “Diamenty Biznesu”

  • Real toy factory with traditions

    Real toy factory with traditions

    Today Hemar is a dynamically developing company that employs 200 employees. Our management are qualified engineers with many years of experience...

  • Safety and quality resulting from modern technology

    Safety and quality resulting from modern technology

    Hemar is distinguished by having a modern machinery park, completely modernised, with state-of-the-art NC injection moulding machines...

  • From design to a toy

    From design to a toy

    Our toys are brought to perfection because the process of developing a toy, starting from design to production is a long and time-consuming one...