From design to a toy

Our toys are brought to perfection because the process of developing a toy, starting from design to production is a long and time-consuming one. Whenever we introduce a toy into market, we are sure that we have fulfilled all requirements to create a product safe for children.


Phases of designing and implementation to production:

  • the design team agrees on general concept of a product, possibly with some handmade sketches,
  • digital model of main element of the designed product is prepared using CAD PRO/ENGINEER module,
  • final corrections and changes to the product,
  • 2D drawings of individual parts are prepared,
  • final shape is approved,
  • on basis of a 3D model the tool path is calculated using the CAM PRO/ENGINEER module,
  • machining technique is designed using CAD PRO/ENGINEER module,
  • the machining technique is verified by means of VERICUT software, that simulates and verifies tool paths of CNC machining centres. VERICUT identifies problems in the paths of numerically controlled tools.
  • templates for individual parts of a toy are created,
  • correctness of preparation and functioning of an injection mould is analysed,
  • production plan is established, including distribution of production job to particular workstations,
  • carrying out the production jobs on injection machines, supervision and coordination,
  • control of work-in-progress,
  • passing the moulded pieces to the assembly line, verification of moulded pieces,
  • production jobs on the assembly line, supervision and coordination,
  • final control of finished products, transfer to the warehouse.

We are a real toy factory, our experience, gained during thirty years of creating toys for children, allows us to claim that we know children needs at each phase of development.

We create toys with passion. We pay attention to each detail during the designing phase, taking into consideration kids safety, product quality, its functionality and endurance as well as its aesthetics.

We have an ISO certificate for designing, production and sales of toys and other products made of plastics.

Design of toys
CAD Pro Engineer

Execution of mold
using CNC machines

Design of the injection mold
CAD Pro Engineer

Implementation of the compacts product
injection molding CNC

  • Real toy factory with traditions

    Real toy factory with traditions

    Today Hemar is a dynamically developing company that employs 200 employees. Our management are qualified engineers with many years of experience...

  • Safety and quality resulting from modern technology

    Safety and quality resulting from modern technology

    Hemar is distinguished by having a modern machinery park, completely modernised, with state-of-the-art NC injection moulding machines...

  • From design to a toy

    From design to a toy

    Our toys are brought to perfection because the process of developing a toy, starting from design to production is a long and time-consuming one...


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