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To fulfil the needs of our customers, we test our toys’ safety for compliance with the requirements of standards harmonised with Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/WE.

In our offer you will find toys that are dedicated to children aged 10 months, two and three years.

In our online store, in the product description you will find information on dimensions of each toy and number of pieces in a package. You can choose bags or boxes of different sizes, depending on dimensions of the offered products.

The wide product range we offer can be divided into 4 groups.


We offer three dimensions of traditional building blocks:

  • K1 – 16 mm wide
  • K2 – 30 mm wide
  • K3 – 57 mm wide

The K1 and K2 blocks are perfect for children as young as two years old.

The K1 blocks are dedicated to children aged three, they allow for creating more complicated buildings of various shapes. The pink and purple variation will be perfect for girls, for building castles for princesses.

The sets contain plenty of additional elements: roofs, windows, doors, trees, people, trains, cars, of which a Small Builder can create complete towns.

We offer a selection of packages:

  • flexible, durable bags – ergonomic and light,
  • zipped tubes with handles – comfortable to carry,
  • backpacks – may be taken for a picnic or to the journey,
  • boxes – easy to wrap nicely as a gift,
  • chests – in two sizesrevolutionary solution, they may be used not only to store the building blocks, but also as a containers for other toys, so to meet our customers demand, we sell them individually. The chests are aesthetically manufactured, in many colours, so they can serve as a decorative element of the playing room. They can also be stored one on top of another, which makes them very functional as they occupy little space.

We also offer the blocks as sets, with cars or.


Our offer of vehicles includes an excavator, tractor, dump track, Fire Brigade, trailer truck and Jeep – everything that a real Little Man needs.

We offer cars in different sizes – from the smallest Monster to the 70 cm long Trailer Truck.

The Dump Truck and the Large Truck have an uplifted carrying body, Puff Truck and Jeep have a platform for playing with blocks, and the Excavator has two movable buckets and swivel wheels.

Clown Truck is an interesting solution for girls. His gentle figure makes it a perfect vehicle for dolls. The nose, when pressed, imitates the sound of horn.

Our Trucks are sold as sets, with building blocks and sand toys.

Sand and garden toys

We offer sand buckets, as sets with a sieve, shovel, rake, watering pot and sand moulds.

  • The Sand Sets  „Flower” and „Castle” are larger, the sets include a water mill, great for pouring sand on the beach and for pouring water in the pool.
  • Small Sets „Cock”and „Clover” are perfect for smaller children.
  • A Little Gardener will surely make use of a watering pot, we have a selection of three models:  „Elephant”„Daisy” or „Bean”.

The Wheelbarrow, largeshoveland rake, it is a great fun on the beach, e.g. when we want to dig a hole to get some water. They are very durable and handy. They also are a perfect set for a little gardener.

The shovels and rakes come in many sizes, the length may vary from 17cm to 62cm.

For girls, all toys come in pink and purple.

And for boys, we offer the toys in sets with cars.


In this category, we offer:

Pool balls – dedicated to children above 10 months, the balls are light, flexible and soft, perfect for so called dry pools.

Pyramid – an educational toy, consists of six rings, that the child arranges one atop another. The jolly accent is the head of a Jester or a Duck. The toy is dedicated for babies and toddlers, aged from 10 months. This toy develops manual skills and learns how to set a sequence of consecutive actions.

Bowling pins and Ringo – toys known for years, develop motor skills of children. The set consists of 6 bowling pins, three circles of ringo, and a full-scale bowling ball with holes for fingers.

In 2005 we have obtained a certificate of Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001 standard.

We carry out tests of our toys for compliance with EN 71 standard in renowned companies, such as TÜV, Intertek, PCBiC.

We cooperate with domestic and foreign supermarkets networks.