2 years old

10 months and older

At this age a child can play with pyramids or rings arranged one on top of another, that can create a tower – demolition of the tower will be a favourite part of playing, and a baby will learn that his/her actions can have such a spectacular effect.
Playing with sand can be a great part of a daily outdoor time, but you need to make sure that your child doesn’t eat sand and wash his/her hands when the fun is over. The child will try to pour sand with the shovel (the shovel should be light) and will readilysmash all mud pies, built by other children.

A small child will explore his/hers surroundings willingly, so you can bury a toy in the sand, and the child will be delighted having found it.

A year old child knows how to put the block next to each other or built a tower of two blocks. Half a year later you will admire a tower of four blocks, and a two years old toddler will be able to build a train – that is, a row of blocks.

A child aged year and a half, starts to understand the basic phenomena of his/her small world. While sitting, the child will notice all the toys around them and will consciously enjoy their bath time. Your child will show his joy splashing water with his/her small hands and having frolics in the water.

Using various toys during bath-time, e.g. small balls or soft rings will have a positive influence on the development of small motor skills, i.e. skills related to hand movement.

To help your child to develop better, we suggest following toys: the Pyramid, Mining Sand Sets, Sand Moulds, Water-mill, Watering Pots, Bowling Pins and Dry Pool Balls.

2 years old

During this time children work intensively on speech development – they make first full sentences, make a lot of grammar mistakes, etc. It is a very interesting time, when ourdarling plays and role-playing is a favourite pastime.

The development of small motor skills, that is skills related to hand movement, depends on using a variety of small objects during playtime, e.g. small balls or blocks. One of the exercises consists in catching blocks and trying to join them to make a larger construction. You can try to build a high tower or a long snake together.

During building a construction of blocks children learn patience and self-control. If they continue playing despite failures, they probably are ambitious. However if your child gives up after first unsuccessful trial, it means that he/she becomes discouraged easily and may need your help. Observing the constructions built by your child will give you a lot of information on his/her imagination and creativity.

Large plastic blocks are a perfect solution. Each of them can be an individual toy and when a child grows up a little, he/she will be able to create more and more complex constructions.
Children this age love introducing their ideas into life, and a comprehensive play develops their creativity, independence and self-esteem.

To help a two years old child develop better, we suggest following toys: Building Blocks K3 and K2, Dumper Trucks, Clown Trucks, Monster Trucks, Sand Sets: Castle and Flower, Water Mill, large, two-coloured shovel.

3 years old

The kindergarten period starts the time when children focus more on mastering the skills they already have than learning new skills. The development of children in this period is mainly creating new quality, perfecting the precision of movements. The role of parents is now not only to teach, but to encourage and stimulate, support and suggest educational games as well. The advise below concerns both, three years old children and those a little older – the activities they participate in vary only in level of difficulty, not in the character of the activities.

In the play of toddlers and a little older children, you may notice a completely new quality: so far the child has manipulated with the toys, (e.g. blocks) in a very unorganised way. They were put one on top of another completely accidently and later the complete construction was named. In the age of three (approximately) the child starts to create in a conscious manner and plans his/her actions. The older the child, the more complicated plans are implemented. In the middle of the third year of life a child is able to build a tower of 8 blocks. At the end of third year of life, he/she will buildthree dimensional constructions using at least ten blocks. And a four year old child can create very original and inventive structures. It is said, and it’s well justified, that the best toy for a kid in preschool age blocks are the best toy, as the stimulate child’s imagination and significantly support cognitive development.

For better development of three years old children we suggest: Building Blocks K1 and K2, Excavator, Trailer Truck, Fire Brigade, Jeep, Puff Truck, Large Shovel & Rake, Wheelbarrow, and Bowling Pins.