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The Nuremberg Fair 2015

In 2015 the Spielwarenmesse has gathered:

  • 2 700 exhibitors from over 60 countries,

including 860 exhibitors not present at any other fair;

  • 75 000 visitors from over 120 countries,

including 25 000 of visitors who only attend the Spielwarenmesse;

  • 1 million of products,

including 75 000 of new products.

24 FEB 2015 Agnieszka Wróblewska-Kazakin

We are The Business Gazelle again!

Business Gazelles is a ranking of the most dynamically developing small and medium enterprises. The first edition took place in 2000. The ranking is published as a special issue, containing over 200 pages, added every year to the December issue of „PulsBiznesu” magazine (English: Pulse of Business). The complete list of Business Gazelles can be found on gazele.pl/

07 JAN 2015 Agnieszka Wróblewska-Kazakin

Forbes Diamonds

This has been the eighth time when Bisnode Poland, in cooperation with Forbes monthly, awarded the honourable title of „Forbes Diamonds 2014″ to entrepreneurs. The Forbes list has been announced since 2006. It includes companies, which have increased their value in the most dynamic way in the last three years. Forbes Diamonds List is based on […]

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06 JAN 2015 kamil

The smart choise

Children development at various ages

Playing is a natural phase of development for children. Since the very first days of life, children discover the world around them by catching various objects. Each toy is a novelty for a baby, something to discover and to play with, practicing concentration and developing motor coordination.
Here we suggest how to choose appropriate toys, not only to make children happy, but also to match their age and to stimulate intellectual and motor development.

Age: 10 months and older


Age: 2 years


Age: 3 years


Marking and symbols on the toys

On each toy or its package,apart from the producer’s logo, there are many symbols (numbers, letters, signs).Some of them are easy to decipher, but meaning of others can be more difficult to interpret.
Here we explain their meaning.

CE Certificate

This symbol MUST be on each toy or its package. It confirms that the toy complies with the requirements of EU directives on user safety and health and environment protection. CE stands for ConformitéEuropéenne, French for European Conformity.

EN71 Standard

It is a European standard that defines safety requirements for toys. Compliance with this standard is a legal obligation for all toys sold in EU countries.

Detailed marking may be following:

EN 71-1: Toys safety – Part 1: Mechanical and physicalproperties
EN 71-2: Toys safety – Part 2: Flammability
EN 71-3: Toys safety – Part 3: Migration of certain chemical elements

TÜV Certificate

If there is a TÜV symbolon a toy,you can be sure that all substances used to produce the toy are safe for children.

Marking of age

Those symbols inform the parents that a particular toy is dedicated for children above certain age (e.g. 3+ means 3 years old or older). This way we can be sure that playing with such a toy is safe for a child in a defined age (or age range) but the toy is unsuitable for younger children.


Safety warning informing that the toy is unsuitable for children under three years of age.

Producer data

Each toy must be marked with the name and address of its producer, and if it is imported from outside EU – name and surname of the authorised representative and of the Polish importer.

Quality Management System

The symbol of certification BSI ISO 9001 is recognized internationally as a symbol of quality and continuous improvement. This symbol guarantees that the Quality Management System implemented in the organisation complies with applicable standards in force.


For Parents

Information for retail customers.

For institutions

Information for schools, kindergartens, playgrounds.

For wholesaler customers

Information for wholesalers, shops and retail networks.

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